Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Class of 2008 AND 2020

Emily is part of the Kindergarten graduating class of 2008, and assuming she continues to do well in school, will also be part of the high school graduating class of 2020.

Monday, her school had a little ceremony in the gym for the four Kinder classes to receive their diplomas. It was just the CUTEST thing EVER seeing those kids in their caps with tassels. I'm happy to say the fabulous idea was MINE and I got the ball rolling on that one. *grin*

Here's Em walking into the gym with her class

Here she is sitting down waiting for her class' turn to go up and get their diplomas

It's almost her turn!

The little stinker looked away at the last second, and the teachers were reading the names off soooooooooo fast, there wasn't another opportunity to try for another one

Here's her awesome teacher posing with Emily Grace

And here she is with "Auntie" Monica, looking through the memory book she got (each child in class got one, full of pictures of themselves the teacher took, and placed on a page decorated in theme with the picture; there was also specific artwork from throughout the year. SUPER CUTE! I'll brag on myself and my good friends Jami and Carole--especially on Jami and Carole--because we put those suckers together, spending days and LATE NIGHTS getting them all done...LOL)

Emily with her good friend Rachel

And the cake that was provided!

I expected to get some pictures of Emily posing with her friends, and playing outside at the extra recess they got that day. HOWEVER, partway through the event, Emily bursts into tears and tells me her ear hurts. She hadn't been sick AT ALL (not even a cold) leading up to that day, but we've been doing swimming lessons and Emily is famous for getting ear infections from pool water. SO, we left early and missed the rest of the event/celebration, and it will forever bum me out that I don't have pictures of her posed with her friends on graduation day, but what's done is done. A trip to the Prompt Care confirmed my suspicions times TWO. Yep, BOTH ears were infected.

Some ammox. and some Motrin and she was a whole new kid the next day, thank goodness.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Kinders who worked so hard this year, most especially my little Emily who can now sit down and read chapter books (slowly, and with some help here and there), write letters and lists and books, add, subtract, count by 2's, 5's, 10's, and is sooooo excited to officially be a first grader now. WAY TO GO EMILY GRACE!!


Matt & Jodi said...

Way to go! Congratulations, Emily!

Congratulations, Mom, too!

How exciting. She's going to be the big first grader next year. Doesn't it amaze you how time flies? It totally bums me out that my kids are getting older (I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but I want them to stay little a bit longer).


I'm so happy for Emily, and for you and all your work on those books. That takes some major effort.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh congrats! Those are cute graduation cupcakes! love the little hats :)

Betsy said...

HAPPY GRADUATION EMILY GRACE!!!! I'm sorry she had to be sick, but you still did get some cute pics!!

Kaci said...

Way cute pictures!! Hope she's feeing better...and class of 2020...holy smokes...I feel old. LOL!

Valarie said...

Congrats to Emily!! And after my last post, I am glad to hear that she is in swim lessons. I hope that her ears are feeling better.

Kellan said...

How darling! 2020 - can you imagine!? Congratulations to your beautiful little graduate - she's precious!

Have a good afternoon - see you soon. Kellan

Cheryl said...

That makes me feel REALLY old--2020!! Congrats on getting Emily through the first year! 11 more to go, then college, etc. It will never end. Smile all the while!

It seems like whenever Jodi & I are out, REALLY doing something important, Madison gets a tummy ache. We're cursed! Totally understand the earache thing & missed opportunities. :(

kimmy said...

Kindergarten graduation is so cute. Just think in 11 more years it will be high school! YIKES!!!!

Great pictures!


auntie said...

Good job Miss Emily Grace!
Kindergarten is really first grade these days with all she's learned.
Used to be cutting and pasting. Now it's real learning.
She is one smart little cookie, just like her mommy! Keep up the good work. Love you.

Cattigan said...

Again, not my child and I get misty eyed. I love the kinder graduation idea!

Erika said...

So very cute. Congrats!! I have to say your kids are cookie cutters. Seeing Emily in those pictures was very similar to Jared. So fun. Anyway, I loved the post

Steph said...

Wow 2020 I have one TOO!!!!

Shan said...

Yay! Happy graduation to Emily. Isn't kindergarten grad just the cutest thing ever?