Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't give up on me!!

I do have a new post for today, but the video is taking longer to load to the computer than I expected and I have a PT apppointment this morning I need to get to. So check back later today and I PROMISE, I will have a new post! (I didn't do one yesterday because I was hoping Em's recital post would get more traffic, but it didn't. I guess everyone was out enjoying the day!)

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Matt & Jodi said...

Oh I would give up on you for missing one measley little post. You do realize that it takes me 4-7 days to do a single post, right? You are way better than I am. I know you do that post dating thing, but still, WOW you get a lot done!

I will be patiently waiting for your later post. Hurry up, will ya! (ha ha) :0)