Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guess which one!

Keeping Connor's face in mind, take a close look and see if you can point out which one of these kids is my dad as a 2nd grader...

I cropped the pic in half so it would show larger and make it easier to view and guess:


Everyone I've asked so far has been able to pick correctly, but I lost some clarity in the act of taking a picture of a picture, then scanning it into the computer (the original is in a display case, along with other old class pictures at Emily's Elementary school; the same school I attended, and the same school my dad attended. My friend Jami took a picture of the original with her camera, and then printed me a copy, which I had to scan into my computer in order to post it on my blog). I will post the answer tomorrow, so check back! I think it's rather amazing how similar Connor looks to my dad as a kid, but my husband says he doesn't see it all.


Kaci said...

I say the one below the teacher? Am I right? :)

Shauna said...

Love the picture :)

Kristina said...

I think he's the one in the bottom row on the far left. He's below the teacher. If that's not him, then I think CJ looks an awful lot like one of your dad's classmates!

Cindy Lou Who said...

Far left - under the teacher???

Anonymous said...

far left right below the teacher? very cute conner does look alot like him! Amy A (cousin)

Betsy said...

No idea, but from the other guesses, maybe the one under the teacher? lol

Auntie said...

Your daddy was so stink'in cute.
I could just love him up.
His little pants were so short : )
I have thought that Connor looks like him from a very early age.
What year was that picture taken?
1865? HA HA HA. I only wrote that since your daddy might read this.
It's my job to be annoying to him.

Crystal said...

I'm a little late on the guessing game, but just had to mention your dads HIGH WATER ankle pants...ROFL!