Friday, June 19, 2009

Speaking Connor

mandri (the i at the end has the same sound as igloo) = sandwich

Are you going out of me? = Are you going without me?

movie feeter = movie theater

willy = Lily (neighbor)

Me-sello = Miss Michelle (neighbor)

AJ = EJ (neighbor)

fwalers = flowers

I'M NOT GONNA GIVE YOU ALL MY MONEY!! (while stomping his foot with each word spoken) = I'm really mad at you

nuggle = snuggle

soffy = soft (he has a "soffy bwanket" he "sweeps wiff"/sleeps with at night *grin*)

poon = spoon (He doesn't say the S sound in words that start with s and are then followed by a consonant. The most hilarious one is when he runs into the kitchen saying he needs a big "poon")

cuse-a-me = excuse me

effle-ant = elephant

wickalish = licorice

tuff-es = stuff ("Jared taked-ed all my tuff-es away from me!")

no not! = no, it's not. or no, I'm not

wittle = little

wookit = look at (just about anything that starts with L has a W sound instead)

NOOO! = and that's my final say on the matter

bwoon = balloon

grill = girl

seelow = cereal

And don't ever tell him, "You're not the boss" because he will very quickly reply, "Yes, I am!"

I'm sure there are a lot more, but it's hard to think of them all! It's so cute how he talks. I just hope it doesn't last too far into Elementary School, because I know kids can be pretty cruel later in life. For now, it's ADORABLE!


Bree said...

Adam does the exact same thing with words starting with S. Sportacus (from Lazytown) is "Portacus," he'll say "I'm lippin" for slipping.

Kristina said...

How cute! I think my favorite is "I'm not gonna give you all my money!" How on earth did you figure out he meant he was mad? I know body language and context tells you a lot, but wow! Did he hear that line in a movie? Did someone teach him? Little kid speak cracks me up! J used to call water "goiley" - I still am amazed his mom figured that out!

Martha said...

I love "shrimp talk" LOL....Gretchen has a few silly words as well.

Betsy said...

I'm gonna have to go with Kristina on this one that the "I'm not gonna give you all my money" is the funniest, and HOW DID YOU FIGURE it out!?