Thursday, March 17, 2011


I got a frantic phone call from a friend a week ago, saying that the auction committee she donated to wanted to use the donation in their live auction, and they requested she make a nice poster to hype it all up. She doesn't consider herself crafty, had zero supplies, and begged my help.

I got the information from her, pulled out my Cricut machine and went to work. I cut all the shapes and letters in the afternoon, and then she came over later that night and we visited together while we glued everything down.

The auction committee RAVED about the poster we created. People attending the auction RAVED about the poster. The package being auctioned off was valued at $800 and sold for $1600!!!!


With a little more notice, we could have gotten a lot more elaborate, but I'm pretty pleased with the result regardless! Had to brag on our efforts. *grin*

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Betsy said...

That looks wonderful and WHAT A HAUL! wow. =)