Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tooth Care

Emily's class had a "How To" writing assignment last month, where they had to brainstorm an idea, list out the steps, then create detailed paragraphs, remembering to use Capitals, punctuation, good penmanship, etc. Emily said she had to start over three times because she kept using sloppy hand-writing! I've been nagging her about her hand-writing all year, so it was nice to hear her teacher was forcing the issue, at least for this assignment.

I have Em's permission to share this:


I love stuff like this. It's totally adorable! Cracks me up in the first paragraph how she doesn't tell you to use toothpaste when brushing, but she makes sure to point out at the end of the paragraph to spit it out. ha! And the middle paragraph with the bit about how to hold the floss "five inches in the middle and three inches from the side." SO CUTE! And the last paragraph where she uses "Last..." three times, and points out that the dentist is usually a man. hahaha! Kid writing just flat out makes me SMILE. I love it!

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Betsy said...

I was thinking the same thing about the dentist usually being a man. ROFL! That is too funny!!