Monday, March 21, 2011

Preschool Auction

Connor's preschool auction was Saturday night, and it was a great event! We had over 120 people in attendance (there are only 73 kids in the school, which means most of the families came!), and there were over 175 baskets/items up for bid. This is our 6th and final year at the preschool and my husband decided that we should leave on a bang and went around bidding on all sorts of stuff.

We ended up winning the following:

*A birthday party at McD's for 8-10 kids (I thought he was nuts getting this, but it was only $26 valued at $60 and he figures we'll use it for Jared's t-ball team or something)
*50% off the sitting fee for a professional photographer I've been wanting to use for over a year now (her daughter attends school with Jared and I saw some of her work last year and fell in love!)
*An outing at a farm at the base of the Olympic mountains where we can either bring our family and one other family and have an organic lunch provided, plus pony rides for kids, berry picking, swinging on the tree swing, touring the farm, feeding chickens, etc, OR we can have a birthday party that includes an hour of pony riding. We got it for $50, valued at $200. We figure we'll use it with another family and figure out what else there is to do in the area and just make a day out of it
*We got what was listed as an hour massage and Myovision scan at my chiropractor, but which turns out to be a Myovision scan and adjustment, but it's all in support of the preschool, so whatever!
*I bought Connor into a Surfin' themed evening hosted by the two preschool teachers, which he is REALLY looking forward to
*And we got Connor's class project, which is a wooden toy chest painted blue, with Finding Nemo wall paper trim around the base, and each kids' handprint was embellished to look like a fish, and the letters of their name are in the bubbles coming out of the fish mouths. I truthfully didn't want it (no space, and Connor's name was spelled wrong), but it is pretty cute and Connor was thrilled to have it, AND it supports the preschool, so there you have it!

We also spent $15 getting the handprint plate Connor made (each kid made one and proceeds of the sale go back to the preschool... they know how to get ya! Who is really going to leave their child's handprint plate behind????)

I had some of the yummiest Lemon Drop Martini's EVER. And I ate the most expensive donut I've ever had (we contributed $25 to the Dessert Dash pot at our table--the table that contributes the most gets first choice at desserts; the table that contributes the least gets last choice and our table was 2nd to last--$25 for two donuts, which was our share after the plate was divdided among the rest of the table... But it's all good times!)

I have yet to hear the grand total of what was raised that night, but everyone seemed to have a good time, and people were pleased with what they'd won!

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Betsy said...

That sounds like a wonderful evening! =)