Monday, March 28, 2011


Dan went on a pheasant hunting trip with some clients over the weekend (they took him and another co-worker out as a "thank you" for how much business the company Dan works for gives them). The kids knew that after they went to bed Thursday night, they wouldn't be seeing Daddy again until Sunday evening. Prior to Dan arriving home from work Thursday night, Jared wrote this note:


He wanted to make sure Dan gave them hugs and kisses (while they slept) before he left for work EARLY Friday morning, and he wanted to make sure his Daddy left out three spoons with a scoop of peanut butter on each one (gag, but the kids get a kick out of it!).

Jared is now finally adding some extra detail to his drawings, and has begun adding ears and the swirly texture of ears to his people drawings... LOL! I love it! Also pictured above is one of our dogs with a tennis ball wanting to play fetch. I shared this picture because A) I thought it was adorable, and B) because it's some of the NICEST hand-writing I've seen Jared do yet (when half his school work comes home marked with "neatness counts!", seeing this nicer handwriting is big news!).

On Saturday, we had a get-together for the March birthdays with my mom's side of the family, in celebration of my grandma (#78) and my niece (#1). Jared and my Auntie did some drawing together, and Jared ended up drawing Dan on his hunting trip:

Again, notice the ears?? LOL! In the far left corner is the "portable grill with one of the guys cooking up the pheasants." Below the portable grill is a trailer/camper (Dan actually slept in a hotel across the street from a train track, which had trains running and whistling on every hour! ack!). Below the trailer/camper is one of the pheasants Dan shot. To the right of the pheasant, if you look closely, you can see all the round rocks that make up the fire pit, with a fire in the center, and more pheasants cooking over the fire.... The small orange box next to the fire is the boom box (notice the music notes rising up into the air above it?). The brown person is Dan, holding a gun (in the hand on OUR left), standing next to a stream with a fishing pole at his feet. The tent is obvious... And the strange looking cat/octopus looking creature is a catfish, apparently. There are trees, clouds, and a sun in the far background. I don't remember what the thing to the right of the tent is...

I have to brag about this picture, because normally Jared will TELL a great story, but RARELY (RARELY!!!!) will he take the time to DRAW a great story. This time, he put thought, effort, and incredible amounts of detail (especially compared to normal!) into this picture. I wish it'd been done on plain white paper, but beggars can't be choosers! I hope he focuses his efforts in this way more often.


Kaci said...

Mmmmm peanut buttah poons (as I called them as a kid) are the best!! You're missing out LL!

Cindy Lou Who said...

My kids LOVE PB on a spoon!

Betsy said...

Now that is a drawing! I love it!!