Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Connor Can Dive!!

After watching the 12 year old girl he has a crush on trying to learn to dive off the diving board at swim lessons, Connor requested a turn to try for himself. After three belly flops the first day of attempting it, and a perfect dive the second day, I captured this dive on video the third day! GO CONNOR!

After he pulled off the dive I got on video, his instructor begged him to try a flip off the diving board. Not bad for a 1st attempt, in my opinion!!!


Grandma Marlee said...

FABULOUS! Maybe we have a future Olympic swimmer/diver in the family! Way to go Connor!!!

Stacy Gendreau said...

Nice job Connor! Hey, was Harrison his instructor? He was Nate's this summer too...I wasn't sure if that voice sounded like him! Sad he is back to school! Hope you liked your lessons at Peninsula! I love it there! Million times better than the Y!

Betsy said...

That was awesome! Great job Connor!!

Kaci said...

Wow! That is impressive!