Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goofballs at Sunset

We went on vacation to the Oregon Coast last week, and our first night there was the only night I managed to get all three kids down to the beach and cooperative at sunset. If you can call this cooperative!!

I didn't push the attempt very hard, figuring we had all week to try for something better, but we either didn't have a pretty sunset when I had all three kids down at the beach, or I wasn't able to talk all three kids back down to the beach after dinner. O'well. This is a more realistic photographic documentation of my kids than a "posed" shot. They're goofballs!


Kaci said...

I think it's perfect!

Betsy said...

I agree Kaci! You took the words from my mouth.

Shan said...

So cute. Agreeing with Kaci too!

Stacy Gendreau said...

Leah - I love this picture! Who wans a posed shot - this totally caputures them!!! Beautiful!