Monday, August 15, 2011

Gardens Week 10

At this point, there's not much rhyme or reason to the garden boxes. The vining plants are snaking every which direction, twisiting around from one garden to the next, and all the space around!!

Jared's lettuce and bean plants have been producing wonderfully. We've had large salads once to twice each week, on top of using lettuce in sandwiches. The slugs are getting a fair share at this point, but I'm worried about using slug bait where pets could potentially end up licking it up as well...

Connor's carrot greens are getting bushier, but I still don't see much happening underground. We didn't bother reseeding with radishes yet because a friend pointed out they're more of a fall crop, so we'll wait a few more weeks.

You can't even really see Emily's sign any longer!! (some of the leaves you see are from Jared's and Connor's as well. There's just a giant mass of leaves and vines!)

I'm not sure if the bees actually pollinated for these to fully become cucumbers, but we've got the potential starts!

Jared picked enough beans for daddy to have them as a side dish for dinner last night (the rest of us just had salad)



Kaci said...

Wow, I love beans like that. Yummy!

Lisa Baldwin said...

They look so YUMMY... Wish I could grow stuff but, I don't have a green thumb I kill everything... LOL!!!

Betsy said...

I love beans too!! And try beer for the slugs. Burry a cup to the rim and put stale beer in it (or just regular beer and wait a few hours lol) and its supposed to attract them to it so they fall in, then not go on your veggies.