Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It wasn't meant to be

Saturday morning, I made myself a cup of coffee with the Keurig. Right about the time it was done, the phone rang. Based on the phone call, I realized I needed to do our grocery shopping that day, instead of waiting until Sunday (as we normally would). I rushed off to Costco.

I forgot about my coffee.

I got home from Costco, called the kids home from the neigbor's house where they'd gone to play for the morning, noticed my coffee, so put it in the microwave to reheat it while the kids were signing the birthday card for the party we were about to leave for. We loaded into the car and headed out for the party.

I forgot about my coffee.

After the party, we needed to make a quick stop at home to gather up swim trunks and towels so we could go spend some time at my aunt's house (she has a pool and invited us to come hang out since her grandson was down for the weekend and wanted to play with the kids). I remembered about my coffee long enough to reheat it yet again, while I headed back to help Connor find his swim trunks. We loaded back into the car and took off for my aunt's house.

I forgot about my coffee.

We got back home at 8pm and I was cleaning up the kitchen a bit, when I remembered about my coffee. STILL sitting in the microwave...

I dumped it down the drain and called it a loss. It wasn't meant to be!

PS Yes, I know the microwave is dirty! It's listed somewhere on a long "to do" list!


Kaci said...

Poor cup of coffee never stood a chance with your schedule. =)

Steph said...

lol...I did that a couple days ago too. Hope you were able to get a cup in today. :)

Betsy said...

I totally have had those days. lol

Cindy Lou Who said...

geez, your summer sounded like mine