Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ANOTHER black eye

Connor has had so many black eyes (ALWAYS on his left side), I've completely lost count. There was one Christmas I rescheduled Christmas pictures because he got a black eye, only to have him blacken it again a few days before the rescheduled appointment. I kept that appointment, and now we have professional documentation of a lovely green blotch above his left eye!

On Easter Sunday of this year, I noticed a slight red mark above his eyebrow that looked a little swollen, and when questioned, Connor said he'd tripped and hit his eyebrow on the edge of the patio. The red mark was faint, the swelling was very minimal, and he said it didn't hurt at all, so we didn't think anymore about it.

The following Thursday at swim lessons, he came out of the locker room with a very GREEN eyelid, eyebrow, and forehead. I have no clue HOW we failed to notice any bruising between the red mark Sunday and the huge green bruise Thursday night, but we did!

This picture was taken the following morning (Friday) at the bus stop, and you can see it's already turned more yellow than green.

It's now been two full weeks, plus a couple extra days, and there is STILL some color on his eyelid. I'm thinking he must have hit harder than we realized, which just goes to show what a tough kid Connor is! I'm pretty sure if I'd fallen and hit my eye on the edge of the patio hard enough that it was still bruised two weeks later, I would have cried!

I think if, or more likely WHEN, he winds up with another left-side black eye, I should take him in for a brain scan or something. I mean, how many times can you take a hit to the same part of your head before you start causing permanent damage?? *grin*

I guess I should be happy the wounds to his face have mostly been BRUISING injuries; his skin scars with the tiniest of scrapes and I'd like that sweet little face as scar free as possible. As it stands, you can pretty clearly see the white line on OUR right side of his lower lip in the picture where he had to have it glued back together...