Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blanket Donation

I crocheted this blanket in order to donate it to the Community Inclusion Program auction, which my in-laws are very involved in.


I'd originally intended it to be a baby blanket, but it was pointed out to me by several different people that it was a great size to be a lap blanket for at the office, or at the computer at home... So I guess it could by hyped up either way! I forgot to measure it so can't be positive, but I'm guessing it's about 32in X 44in. Somewhere around there.

It got TONS of compliments from people who saw me working on it (I had it with me a few times at the dance studio while Emily was in class!). I'd started to second-guess the BRIGHT colors (in case you're interested, it's Caron Simply Soft yarn, colors Peach, Lemon, Persimmon, and Tangerine), but people stopped constantly and raved over how pretty the colors were, so I'm glad I went ahead and used them. Hopefully it brings in a decent amount of money. *fingers crossed* It's so soft and warm; it was hard to part with in the end! LOL

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Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Leah!! Great job!!