Friday, April 27, 2012


I've been hearing about Geocaching randomly for the past couple of years, but haven't taken the time to look further into it prior to a few weeks ago. While Dan was in Montana for work, I woke up early and couldn't sleep, so turned on the TV and was flipping through channels and came across an interview with the guy who created the whole Geocaching thing. After hearing him talk about it, I came out out to the computer and logged onto the website, started researching cache locations in my area, and started to get really excited about the whole concept, figuring it would be something fun to explore more this summer with the kids! I got some friends interested in it as well! We downloaded the Geocache iPhone app and started talking to other people who have done geocaching, etc.

My friend Jami and I were out running a few quick errands today and she asked if I wanted to try finding a cache (she's found two already while she was getting a lesson from a family friend, but I hadn't tried finding any yet). Turns out there was one hidden 150ft away from where we were running one of our errands, so we went over and found it! Photobucket

There are TONS of caches just in my home town, and I know the kids will have a blast with this! We've already ordered the trackable "bugs" so we can create our own caches, and track the "bugs" as they move around. With the app, we'll also be able to try to find caches while on vacations and road trips, etc. I'm excited to see where this takes us!

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