Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Closer Look

While coming down the big inflatable slide with Connor at Pump It Up, Emily, apparently, decided she and Connor needed a closer look at the slide on the way down. As they neared the bottom, she turned "just so" so that her feet got caught up on the siding, which slowed her legs down and spun her upper body to the side just enough that she somehow managed to roll over and flip onto her face, taking Connor with her. I had the camera focused and ready to click as soon as Em and CJ got within range. OF COURSE, they got into range and face-planted at the very same second I was trying for the picture.

Please excuse the poor quality of the photo. It was dark in there, and the kids were moving FAST, and I don't claim to be an expert photographer by any means...

I think this picture is hilarious (look at Em's face, especially!), despite the fact that Connor BAWLED and wanted no further part in the slide action afterwards. Emily was fine and came up giggling like crazy. I expected "rug burns" on their faces because they DID slide down partially on their faces, but they were fine. I think Connor was mostly just mad more than anything!! Wasn't there some rule, something about "only one person at a time on the slide", but those are more like guidelines right (kind of like the pirate code in Pirates of the Carribean)? LOL!!!


Kellan said...

How cute! Poor little Connor - freaked him out! It looks like a fun time!

Have a good day Leah - see you soon. Kellan

Valarie said...

Ok, so is it bad that I am laughing really hard at this? Seriously hilarious. I would totally put that picture up on my wall if it were my children. This kinda photo is so much better than the posed kind! :)

Betsy said...

Poor CJ, That mean bouncy slide got him... lol. GREAT pic though, shows the motion well! :)

kimmy said...

Darn, that always happens to me too :)

Great action shot of the kids!