Thursday, March 20, 2008

Emily's lifelong passion

Besides dancing and singing, Emily has another less known passion FOR ROCKS. I should have suspected this would be an on-going obsession when she was 2.5 and I took these pictures of her, while at the same time explaining that rocks are for OUTSIDE and that NO, the rock would not be sad and cry if we made it stay outside:


(excuse me while I have a momentary "BOO HOO" moment over how teeny tiny she once was and now ISN'T!)

Fast forward to Kindergarten and I can't begin to tell you how many ROCKS my child has brought home from school! They're generally about 2inch or so, like the garden-style river rocks. On average, I'd say she brings home a rock once a week. We've discussed how we have plenty of rocks at home and don't need to bring any home from school. We've talked about how if she keeps bringing rocks home school, there won't be any rocks left for the other kids to play with. We've talked about how you DO NOT PUT ROCKS IN YOUR POCKETS AND BRING THEM HOME FROM SCHOOL. (she still brings rocks home from school). She doesn't DO anything with them. After I'd discovered them and either thrown them outside or in the garbage, she never asks about them. WHY DOES SHE KEEP BRINGING THEM HOME?

And the story about her begging to bring the large rock (pictured abover) into the house? TOTALLY TRUE. She cried. She cried some more. She tried begging Daddy. We hauled her into the house without the rock. She lived. But apparently still worries it will be lonely and wants to bring it home lots and lots of little 2 inch friends.

Reminds me of the movie The Shawshank Redemption where the guy is digging his way out of prison, and everytime he gets to go outside, he grabs handfulls of the dirt and lets it fall down his pantleg outside to the ground where it blends in with all the other dirt. Makes me wonder if my child is somehow trying to dig her way out of the schoolyard and is bringing home the rocks to dispose of all the evidence... ha ha ha!


Betsy said...

Emily just has good taste you see. When I was little I went to camp every summer, and never failed EVERY summer I drug home a suitcase that weighed twice as much as it did when I left and more then me by far, because I shoved it not only full of my dirty clothes, crafts and stuff, but with two ton of rock! I even managed to get one bigger then Emily's home. lol. Still sits in mom's yard. :) Maybe I will have to send a few to miss Em?? lol

Kristina said...

Remember when you guys came to visit, and she really hit it off with J? (She would ask you when the "big boy" would be coming home?) Well, I think they were kindred spirits...your girl is a future geologist! And J is going to be tickled when I tell him this story!

Auntie said...

Who's great niece is she?
MINE. Ever since we built the waterfall and pond and I showed an interest in INTERESTING rocks I have friends who bring me rocks from their vacations. Michelle just brought me a lava rock from the ocean and I am so excited to have it.

Anonymous said...

she is adorable. let the poor little adorable girl bring home all the rocks her little heart desires. they might be sad mom, sheesh.

Did I say she's adorable?