Friday, March 21, 2008


The second round of report cards came out and Emily is doing FANTASTICALLY. Her teacher said in Kindergarten they NEVER give out 4's (on a 1-4 scale where 4 is the best) for the first report card and they're very stingy with them on the second report card, but Emily has NINE 4's on this most recent report card. I was also told that for the section where they evaluated the kids on blending letters into words, and breaking down words into the individual sounds, Emily was the only one in the whole class who got 100%.

And here's what her teacher typed out about Emily Grace:

"Emily has grown a great deal over the last semester. Her love for learning continues to shine through and she does very well in reading and writing. Her kindness towards everyone draws her peers to her and she is truly a friend to all. She is aware of the feelings of other children and is always the first to help a friend in need. Emily is a hard worker who takes pride in doing her best and is eager to share her accomplishments. She is a true joy to have in class!"

I know it's not nice to brag, but I'm so proud of Emily!!! She's come such a LONG way acedemically since the beginning of the year when she didn't know all her letter sounds or how to blend them into words and really had no interest in reading or writing. She's a totally different kid with a whole new world opened up to her and she's THRIVING! All she ever does anymore is WRITE WRITE WRITE (stories, letters, songs, lists, etc); she can read simple books and is making grand attempts at more complicated books. She amazes me every single day.


Anonymous said...

Emily, I'm so proud of you.

Grandpa Dan

Cattigan said...

Not surprising to those of us that know, Miss Emily Grace

Anonymous said...

That's our wonderful, smart, sweet, beautiful -- did I say smart?! -- Miss Emily Grace!!

Love, Grandma Marlee

Betsy said...

That is so awesome!! WAY TO GO EMILY GRACE!!! :) Give her a great big good job hug from me and the family!!

Auntie said...

Way to go EG!
Leah Mae, one of the reasons she is so smart is because you are a wonderful, caring, helpful, teaching, supporting, stay at home mommy! Keep up the good work girls!
Love you!

Bree said...

You definately have bragging rights over that! What an awesome report card! She'll be able to do anything she wants in the future :)

Shan said...

Great job Emily!!