Sunday, May 4, 2008

Birthday LOVE

First, I got an email from wishing me a Happy Birthday:

Then I got an email from a local radio station I'd signed up with (in order to be able to email the radio DJ with a question about a song I wanted to use for Connor's First Year photo montage and didn't know the artist...) wishing me a Happy Birthday:

Then, I got an email from a new friend, Shellie, who is totally awesome and hilarious and I WUV HER:

In case you can't read the speech bubble, it's Patrick Dempsy thanking me for coming and watching his movie, and saying he was watching me too and calling me hot stuff. LOL!!!!!

THEN, I got a "delux spa package" from my husband which includes an hour massage, a pedicure, a facial, and I think a haircut and maybe a manicure?? He wasn't entirely sure, so I'll find out when I call to make an appointment in the near future...

Lastly, I got this award from one of my BFF's, Kaci, my internet partner in crime, whom I get to meet in person in approx 2 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days (YAY!):

And since I'm a lover, I MUST share this blog award with some other award-worthy people:

Betsy, who is an A earning school chick with teething monsters living with her (and who FINALLY is cooperating with my desperate pleas that she BLOG MORE OFTEN)

Cattigan, who has me obsessed with Gold Canyon candles, keeps me updated about baby births, and didn't mind that it took me eleventy bazillion years to pay for the Girl Scout cookies it only took us one day to devour

Shan, who has Linky Love linked me several times now, makes me laugh, and is a Martha Stewart type gal with her "what's cooking wednesday" posts, and her knitting and EVERYTHING else

And finally, even though she JUST received this award herself (and didn't find me worthy of the award...LOL), I have to award this to Shellie, because anyone who takes the time to draw me a birthday picture in Paint DESERVES some serious recognition


Cattigan said...

I am soooo jealous that you got a spa package. Sounds like you had a kick ass birthday... filled with lots of LOVE! The Patrick Dempsey thing is GREAT! I wish I would have though of it! About the Girl Scout Cookies.... I figured it would have cost me more to drive down and get the money from you. The toll alone is $3!! I still don't have a Good To Go yet! Stay tuned to my blog for a cookie story then you'll understand a bit better why I wasn't too stressed about it!

Betsy said...

YAY! What a wonderful birthday. I tried to call, but you were out having too much fun! :( Oh well, I will try again later. And thanks for the award. And SHELLIE- That is a wonderful card!!!

Betsy said...

Can you send my award to me, I can't copy and paste it to my blog :( lol. (I need you to teach me to do that to my blog too, gotta protect the kiddos. :)

Jen said...

LMAOLMAOLMAO! I love the drawing! LOVE IT! Shellie has such's intimidating. LOL I want one for my birthday!

Kaci said...

OMG Shellie has got some mad skills with Paint!! I LOVE IT! AND I LOOOOOOOVE that you are coming here soon. YIPEE!! Happy Brifday Leah Mae!

Amy said...

Happy belated birthday!!!