Sunday, May 18, 2008

Party Fun

We had Emily's birthday party yesterday at her dance studio. Which meant NO HOUSE CLEANING OR YARDWORK in preparation; YIPPEE!! I won't go into the details of some of the beforehand drama, but let's just say that neighbors and a brother stepped in to help get things squared away and the show was on...

Here's the party-goers (minus one, who wouldn't come in for the picture)

food tables:


Here's the cupcakes I decorated to match the theme:

There was lots of dancing (they got a 45 minute dance class) and twirling and leaping and whatnot (ignore the blur, those girls were FAST!)

And then we sat down for cupcakes and goodies (each girl got a cupcake and then got to load their plate with cookies, candies, crackers, etc)

Then Emily opened presents

Then we handed out goody bags and packed up to come home. I think it went really well overall, and Emily LOVED it (which is the most imporant part). I could be very tempted to never ever have another party at home ever again!!!!!


Kaci said...

That looks like it was a blast!! And it sounds like it was just perfect for Miss Emily! :) XOXO!! Glad everything worked out with the few bumps in the beginning.

Shan said...

Looks like it was a great party! Great cupcakes.

Toni said...

What a perfect party for Emily. LOoks like she really enjoyed herself. Is that her leaping through the air? She has a great leap :)

Kellan said...

What a beautiful girly party - I think she must have had a wonderful time - I'm so glad!!

Happy Birthday to your sweet Emily.

See you soon - Kellan

Betsy said...

That does look like sooo much fun!! And why wasn't I invited?? lol. And she did a great job on picking the theme :)

Matt & Jodi said...

How fun! I love the idea of not having to clean the house or do yardwork. I'm going to have to remember that idea for my kids. :0)

Bree said...

How cute! Looks like the perfect party for your little princess! Good job on the cupcakes.

Steph said...

How nice! Happy birthday day!Love the cupcake holder. :)

Cattigan said...

GREAT idea! I LOVE birthday parties away from home! ;)

Rachel said...

So adorable! looks like everyone had a wonderful time! What a fun idea for a party! Great job on the cupcakes, too.

Kristina said...

How cool was that party! And, the no cleaning / gardening thing was a huge bonus! But it's not like you went overboard... Some parents are crazy with what they do for a birthday party! This was a really great idea. Plus, I'll bet she'll remember that for a long time. I'm impressed.