Saturday, May 10, 2008

So sweet!

Jared picked Emily some flowers on the way down to the bus stop the other day:

(did you notice the clump of dirt and roots still attached?)


shell said...

what a grip! hey at least you can probably replant them.

What an awesome photo!

Betsy said...

Were they from your (sad) garden?? lol! Or the neighbors??

So sweet though!!

Kaci said...

LMAO!! That's great!! You gotta frame that puppy!

Cattigan said...

That is hysterical! They look so excited and proud! I'm with Kaci on this one... so a framer!

Kellan said...

That is a darling picture/story!! They are so adorable, Leah!! Precious kids! Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Kellan

Jen said...

SO FUNNY! OMG I love that the roots are still attached