Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've been tagged!

Norma-Ann at The Mommy Project tagged me for a "Seven Fun Facts About Me" meme, so here goes!

1) I never really had a nickname growing up. When we were first dating, my then boyfriend (now husband) would call me LeeLoo, but it didn't last more than a few months. He also used to call me sweetie pie and cutie, until Emily was born. Now SHE'S sweetie pie and cutie.

2) I'm afaid to be home alone at night. I come by it honestly as it runs in the family. My Auntie is the same way.

3) When I was little, I never thought monsters or boogy men lived under my bed. I was convinced the neighbor's dog did, and if I didn't have my covers pulled up JUST SO, then it would come out and bite me.

4) I've only heard my dad swear once in my entire life, and it was while they were pouring the concrete floor of the detached garage.

5) Even on a rainy day, I find being at the ocean (in a cabin on the rainy days) very peaceful and calming. Something about the bigness of the ocean and the sounds of the waves just make me happy. Everytime to go to the ocean on vacation, I feel very very sad to be leaving on the last day and wish I could have just one more day!

6) I would like to lose 15lbs, but haven't yet reached the full desire to cut out sweets and add in more exercise.

7) I enjoy being a mother far more than I ever thought possible, even though it's far harder than I ever thought possible.

I tag Erika, because she's a fellow preschool mom I'm still working on getting to know, Rachel, because she has a monkey and a princess living with her as well (I have TWO monkies, though), Chanin, because she keeps winning things and I'm hopeful that interactions with her will let some of her luck rub off on me, Jodi, because her mommy told me to (and because I would have tagged her anyway, because her latest blog post is still there from the last time I tagged her...LOL!), and Steph, because she's got some pictures of a newborn baby on her blog (scroll down a few posts), and I just LOVE babies! OH! And Kaci, because it irritates her when I tag her (she secretly loves me for it, though).


Matt & Jodi said...

Naughty, naughty... :0)

1. Sometimes we call my daughter Olivia "LeeLou", too. But sometimes we call her "Lou Lou", and more often "Stinker".

2. I hate being home alone, too. I always hear scary noises that aren't really there...

3. There is a monster living under my bed, or rather under my covers - my husband. (hee hee)

4. Even though we are LDS, I have heard mild swearing all my life. My great grandma and my grandparents lived on a farm and, well, farm living causes swearing to some degree.

5. I find the ocean peaceful, too, other than the shark part of the ocean, that is. They scare me. A lot.

6. Me too about the poundage. And the sweets and exercise. I do not like to exercise, but I do like chocolate. Again, a lot.

7. Being a mommy is fun and hard at the same time, isn't it? I love it when my girls wake up in the morning with messy hair and stinky puppy breath. I just have to hug and kiss them a gazillion times when they're cute like that.

Check out my blog. I did it ahead of time since you forewarned me. My mom is getting it next...hee hee!

Kaci said...

GRRR!! Damn Leah Mae insert last name here! LOL! I hope that dog bites you! :)

LOL! XOXO! I'll do it at some point.

Betsy said...

And then you left a few for Kaci to tag, I am sure I'm next! lol. And you are really sad about leaving the ocean cause there you are closer to me! Right?? Right?? lol

Kellan said...

My mom loves the ocean like that. I like the lake better or the river. I do like the ocean.

Have a good evening, LeeLoo!

See ya - Kellan

Kaci said...

Ooooo Leah I love your new look on the blog...Ooooooo!! :)

Matt & Jodi said...

Pretty blog! ;)

Auntie said...

Yes, you do come by being scared alone at night honestly.
If anything happens to Uncle Jeff I will have to sleep in Emily Grace's trundle bed every night.
I certainly won't sleep here alone.
Your mom used to watch a soap opera called Dark Shadows. Granny didn't like me to watch it as I was little, but I did and I have been scarred for life since.
Barnabus the vampire will surely bite my neck if I don't cover it up at night! And do you remember spending the night with me before one camping trip, when you were four, and U. Jeff swore and you told him he shouldn't swear (we gave up camping as it causes swearing) and the next thing you knew you were given back to your parents : ) Love you!

Cheryl said...

"Auntie" must be about the same age as me. I used to watch Dark Shadows ALL the time. It was so awesome. I watched it while I babysat this little girl & she got nitmares. Her parents asked my parents to ask me not to watch it while I was babysitting, but ALAS, no TiVo back then! We watched it anyway & she PROMISED she wouldn't have nightmares. Hmmm...don't know if she did or not, but I still babysat her.

Leah, you sound so fun. If you ever come to Phoenix, let Jodi know so we can get together & have lunch.

Thanx for the tags. We're ticking people off over here, but it's fun & I'm learning stuff I didn't know about my daughter-in-law & even my Dad. You should blog-stalk him, he's "different." LOL!