Friday, May 23, 2008

I've been tagged!

Valarie tagged me for a GOOGLE PHOTOS meme. The whole point is to answer the questions using pictures from GOOGLE images.

Age on my next birthday

Place I want to visit:

My favorite thing:

My favorite place:

My favorite food(s):


Favorite color: (maybe not this exact shade...LOL)

Town I live in:

Name of a past/present pet:

Nickname I've had:
(I haven't really had any nicknames that I can think of)

College major:
(I got my AA degree at a community college, but never went further)

My first job:

Goal for next year:

I tag
Kaci, because she's a good sport and always plays along when I tag her
Kristina, because she apparently needs a blog topic so she can update her blog (hee hee)
Betsy, because she's one of the few people who will probably know exactly what is pictured for my favorite place
Kellan, because she has a bazillion readers and a fantastic sense of humor and I know her post would be very fun to read
and new friend Jodi, because it would be a fun way to get to know her some more


Kaci said...

I love the goal...that would be mine too!! Although I think I'd add a cabana boy and 6 pack abs...hmmmm what else? LOL!

Steph said...

Cool Meme, thanks for the reminder about the pic of curly locks, I really did mean to include them. They are up now go check them out. Have a good weekend

Betsy said...

YAY A blog topic for today!! YAY!!

Kellan said...

I don't do a lot of memes, but I like this one and I will try to do it soon! I liked your answers. I especially like that house - WOW!!

Have a good Memorial weekend, Leah - see you soon - Kellan

Mrs. Blimes said...

love the mansion!!!

Auntie said...

Dear Sweet Niece,
Most of us in our family have nicknames...Emily Grace isn't a nickname but most people call her Emily, but I can't. We have our Jarebear, CJ, Me, being RAE, Mirinda being The MIR, or Tootsie or Murrie, Christopher being Pher,or Pherbear, Marc is Marcus J.
When Tyler was little we called him Top Rat as he would hit Pher on the head all the time : )
Oh, and Grace is now Gracie.
If I had a nickname for you it would BE SWEET PEA as you are my sweet pea! Love you. PS. when I was little my dad called me TERMITE!Try being a termite!

shell said...

I love love chocolate covered pretzels! and I now christian your new nickname as "Princess"

thats what I'm going to call you from now on!

you know cause your name is kindof like Princess Leia off Star wars!

girlymom4 said...

What a fun meme! It looks beautiful where you live!

Matt & Jodi said...

Oh, boy! Sounds like I have myself one heck of a homework assignment... It may take me a couple of days, but I'm up for a challenge. :)

AWESOME house, by the way. I want one, too. And the I've gotta have some...mmmmm.

Matt & Jodi said...

I did it! It was harder than I thought, (a bunch of the pictures I wanted were copyrighted - dang!) but fun, too. Thanks for the challenge. ;)