Friday, May 16, 2008

Leah Needs

At the requst of Betsy, I googled "Leah Needs" and have typed out some of the descriptive sentences of what sites came up:

*Leah needs donations for that operation she has been saving up for (you know, lypo, boob job...HA, yeah right like I'd be brave enough)

*Leah needs to shed the pounds and the sooner the better (gasp, it's public knowledge?)

*Leah needs to finish the leaders contact sheet (huh?)

*Leah needs a helmet by Rakooba! (again, huh?)

*Leah needs experienced, adult owners who will understand that this girl needs her space and does not like to be overly fussed over (yes, please, I need an adult owner ASAP)

*Leah needs some help. (yep, I need help with household chores and yardwork!)

*Leah needs to suffer through the crying and just break her child from the bottle (we went that route with Emily at 17 months old. I have horrible heart-breaking SCREAMING pictures of her pointing at the fridge wanting the bottle she assumed was in there. The boys made the transition without much fuss)

*Leah needs to get over Sam. (it's hard having someone on the side... ha ha just kidding)

*I think that Leah needs more training before she becomes the big star that she is GOING TO BE (I KNEW fame was in my future)

*Leah needs pocketless pants dammit (well, you know, sometimes you just can't be hampered down by the extra material)

*Leah needs you to carry her (my little legs are TIRED, as Jared says it)

*Leah needs gigs (how else will I become a big star?)

*Leah needs to lighten up. (sometimes I do need to lighten up!)

And apparently, Leah Remini (spelling?) really ticked people off on the Rachel Ray show or something, because there were some REALLY not nice looking links (like the bottle one, and the lighten up one) and there was one about how she apparently needs something shoved up her "bum" (to put it nicely).

That was fun Betsy, thanks for posting up the idea!


Kaci said...

Leah needs to shave!!

LOL! I'm kidding!

That's hilarical!

Betsy said...

That is funny. I like yours!! YAY! My idea!! (that I maybe stole from someone else's blog. lol)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha ... wow... someone is popular! :)

Kellan said...

How funny - that is so interesting!!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Matt & Jodi said...

Ok, I should not read this stuff while drinking water. I was laughing too hard and it wanted to come out my nose and mouth at the same time! Oops, probably a visual you didn't need or want. Funny!

Valarie said...

Ha! So funny! I wanna do it too!!!

shell said...

leah need pocketless pants dammit is my favorite

please please don't buy them.

they say "mom jeans" all over!!!