Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Connor says...

Here is a conversation I recently had with Connor:

me: Connor, do you want some breakfast?
C: No
me: Are you thirsty?
C: No
me: Can I give you a hug?
C: No
me: Can I give you a kiss?
C: No
me: Do you need anything?
C: No
(I walk out of the kitchen, Connor throws himself down on the ground and bawls his eyes out, and kicks at the toy he threw down in the process)
me: Do you want to eat?
C: NO!!!!!
me: Do you want milk?
C: NO!!!!!
(I leave the room again. Connor cries harder, follows me. I pick him up, he fights to get down. I put him down, he cries even harder.)
me: What's wrong bubba?
C: (wahhhh wahhhh wahhh!!!)
me: Let's go sit in your high chair.
(I pick him up and buckle him in, hand him a sippy cup of milk and a banana, which he proceeds to inhale)
me: Are you better now?
C: No
me: Are you still hungry?
C: No
me: Then let's get down from your high chair and get you cleaned up.
C: nonononononononononononono

Yes, you've guessed it, Connor has learned the word "no." For awhile, it sounded more like "woah" (like "woah horsie"), but now it's a definate NO. It's often very loud. It's often repeated several times in rapid succession. It's very frequently used when it's not meant. He knows it's a powerful word.

More of what Connor says:

HEY! (he said it especially forcefully when Daddy was trying to take a craisin out of his bowl the other day)
jiss (juice)
buh-ba (grandpa)
derd (Jared)
ma-ee (Emily)
eesh/ish (shoes, fish, tissue, drink, depending on the situation)
pah-ee (potty)
poopf (poop)
gog (dog)
back (with one finger held up for "be back in a minute")
bi-per (diaper)
my-ee (mine)
ock (sock)
bapple (apple)
nahnah (banana)
han (hand)
knuck (knucks--which is when he wants to touch fists with you, I believe our friend Dave taught that to Emily and it's passed on down the line of kids!)
uck (buckle, truck, stuck, depending on the situation)
buck (book)
bah-poh (pillow)
nun (done)
boh (bowl)
annie (candy)

Those are what I can think of off the top of my head. He has a few others I don't dare try and spell! Obviously, he's not the most verbal kid on the planet, but he's gaining new words weekly at this point (Hey, done, bowl, boo boo, pillow, potty, diaper, and juice are all new within the last two weeks). Some lady just recently posted online that a two year old should be able to say approx 200 words. That leaves Connor needing to learn about 160 words in the next month! LOL I'm not worried about him at alll, just yet. He completely understands everything we tell him or ask him to do, he follows instructions that are several steps long, and he interacts and gets his point across rather well (Now, if only we could eliminate the execessive use of the word "no"). He also signs "please" (we still mostly have to prompt this one, but he's done it a few times unprompted), "thank you" (which he often uses for both please AND thank you), and we're working on the signs for "milk", "juice", "water", "eat", "sorry", and "more" (all of which he is quick to mimic if I sign them).


Cheryl said...

I'm so glad that someone thinks it's important to write down what their little guy says at the time they do it! I didn't do it when my kids were little & regret it now that they're 31 & 26. I keep telling Jodi she'll regret it & now that she's blogging, she writes down just a few things, but not all. As you know, they say some really goofy versions of words that you can blackmail them with years later...

Kaci said...

Awhhh yes the "no" stage. Gotta love it.

Kellan said...

It looks like he's got lots of words - he's doing great!!! Cute kids - aren't they?

Have a good day - Kellan

Matt & Jodi said...

My oldest is 4 1/2 and she's still really enjoying the word "No". Does it ever stop? Anyone?

Your kids sound so cute (and fun). :)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

this really is a good post beacuse this is something you can print off and keep in his baby journal. I can't wait till my girl starts talking. Until the "why" phase comes.... why this, why that, why why why :)

girlymom4 said...

Before my daughter Belly turned 2 she didn't say very many words either. I started to get worried and then I though, why? She is fine and is starting to talk really well now! She is now 2 years and 8 months. I still have a hard time with some words, but most of time you can understand what she is trying to say!

Betsy said...

Man, I can remember when M wouldn't say no. Remember we would ask her "do mommy and daddy beat you?" yeah "do mommy and daddy starve you when your naughty" yeah. I love it!