Friday, July 24, 2009

Four Generations


I didn't realize everyone was so slumped over until I got home and started working on creating this post! LOL

1st gen: Daniel Steven
2nd gen: Daniel Vincent
3rd gen: Daniel Vincent, Jr.
4th gen: Jared Daniel, Connor Jeffery

I also got a nice picture of the kids with their Great-Grandpa
(and to save you the trouble of asking, Em's cheeks are bright red because she's currently experiencing an unknown skin condition, which they claim is the result of a sunburn, but she hasn't even HAD a sunburn... The steroid cream the docs put her on has made a HUGE difference in the last two days, but at the end of the day, her face gets bright red and blotchy again...)

Lastly, I got a nice picture of the kids with their Great-Aunt Danielle


Kristina said...

Those are GREAT pictures!

Crystal said...

How fun! Unfortunately I don't have any generations except my mom left in my family, but Zach has 5 generations still on his moms side. I've also made a family tree recently back to the 1800's to the first Merriman Harlow (that was his name) and Zach is Merriman Harlow and that is also Logans middle name :o) Fun stuff!!

Crystal said...

PS - I LOVE Emily's hair and she gets even more beautiful and grown up everytime I see a picture. Daddy Dan better keep those boys away! LOL

Shan said...

These are great pictures!!

Martha said...


Kaci said...

Great pics! Poor Em's little cheeks! :(

Betsy said...

Those are wonderful pictures!! :) And wow about poor Em's cheeks!

Bree said...

Very cool. Great grandpa still looks great!