Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vicious dog on the loose!

2lb Yorkie male
Black and tan in color
orange polka-dot collar (not seen in this picture)

This dog has been seen viciously attacking unsuspecting bones and should be considered dangerous by the general population...


Cindy Lou Who said...

oh so funny - and he is so cute - a ball of fur

Martha said... cute....did you all get a dog or is it someone elses? ADORABLE

Kristina said...

Do you think he knows he only weighs two pounds? He sure looks like he thinks he's saving the world from that bone! Cute! (The funniest part of the video?? The fact that I can hear you trying not to laugh!)

Kaci said...

What did the poor bone ever do? You get em Charlie!!

Betsy said...

Thank goodness the world is safe from that mean bone!!! LOL! What does your "big" dog think of him?