Friday, July 10, 2009

Jared and Elly

Hello LLLL lovers!! This is Kaci from Ellyphant

Last summer I had the privledge of spending a afternoon with Leah and her family. We all had such a great time! Jared and Elly are only a week apart in age and they had a super fun time giggling, holding hands, hugging and just being silly pants!

Now don't you all worry Leah and I are already planning the wedding!

Elly will wear Vera Wang,

the flowers will be orchids,

linens--fresh and crisp, gold trim lining the edges,

bridesmaids in pink with white shoes...


Leah said...

orchids? NO, LILIES!! LOL XOXO They were so cute together!

We're off to the beach today to SWIM!

Cindy Lou Who said...


Kaci said...

How could I be so silly...of course lillies!! :)

Betsy said...

A match made in heaven!! So cute!!

Martha said...

I think a combo of lillies and orchids would be grand! FUN FUN!

Anonymous said...

OK seriously how am I missing this connection?? Kaci, Martha, Melissalinn on FB. What am I missing? (yes I do know I've been missing it for a while just never spoke up.)

Cuuuute pictures, btw.