Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When animals fight back

On a recent beach visit, Connor was having a grand time collecting little crabs. He had zero qualms about picking them up and inspecting them, carrying them around in his little shovel, trading them out for larger varieties, etc. This particular crab was rather BIG (I wish I had something to compare it to for the visual!) and rather MEAN and still, Connor was determined to hold onto it.

Here, you can see it ready to attack/defend

After Connor let it go, it must have scurried off and had a conversation with it's baby brother, because the next crab Connor got ahold of was a tiny little thing, but as soon as he set it into his hand, it rushed across his hand, into the sleeve of his sweatshirt, and was heading North as Connor danced around and shrieked and I was scrambling to get the sweatshirt off of him before he gave himself a heart attack. I could hardly stop laughing afterwards!


Kaci said...

Holy crap that thing is big!! LOL! Poor CJ!

Kristina said...

I wish you had pictures too! Or even a video! (Does that make me evil?) I can just picture the poor guy dancing around. Since the story stopped there, I'm going to assume there was no further trauma / drama?

Shan said...


Cindy Lou Who said...

oh video would have been funny. There so cute but still do damage. He's a brave one holding them. LOL

Betsy said...

That is so funny!!

Reminds me of something, I went to the grocery store, and there was a kid there (must have been like 12) and he was catching craw dads and showing them off to anyone who would look!

Crystal said...

That is hilarious, but poor Connor, I probably would have been dancing like a mad woman with a crab crawling in my shirt.