Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flipz and Leah

Hey all I'm a friend of Miss Leah Mae, my name is Kaci and I reside over at Ellyphant. Now I'm not going to be as good as Kristina, cause lets face it, if you didn't cry when you read her post you have a heart of STONE!! STONEEEEEE you hear me! HAHA! Okay but I have a few fond memories of Leah too, one being these chocolaty pretzely goodness that are on so YUM-O. Leah told me about these heaven in a bag treats and OH MY GOODNESS...mmmmmm!!! Every time we go to the store and I see these I have to have control and strength cause my hips don't need em! I think of Leah and ask myself, WWLD (what would Leah do)? Cause I know WWKD...eat them little pieces of heaven.

Anyways Leah and I have known each other for several years now, we actually met after the birth of Jared and Elly. Jared is actually 11 days older then my Elly. We mainly email back and forth but on occasion when I'm about to fall asleep at the wheel (I commute to work) I call up my buddy Leah and she always keeps me awake! She's such a great friend. I've recently moved from the west coast to the mid west and Leah was there for me through my journey. Many times I would call her and cry and cry, she was always my constant shoulder. Never did she interrupt and tell me her sorrow/joys of her day but let me cry. She is such a fierce, loyal and loving friend.

I remember when Leah told me about her trip to the ER when she was pregnant with Connor and the fear she had that she may lose him. I remember crying with her then and told her she's too good of a Momma to think like that and we had to have faith....and we had to name this baby (Connor was not the given name yet). So I gave him the name of BRUCE. A good, strong name!! Cause BRUCE can do anything...BRUCE can fight this placenta abruption and conquer it! When he was born a few months later, I cried that day, only because they didn't pick my name...as if! Just kidding. I cried that he had made it and Leah had not given up hope! He made it and was healthy and PERFECT! Now that BRUCE...oops I mean Connor is two he sure acts like a BRUCE...wouldn't you agreee? He's a nutter...but a dang sweet nutter.

Okay this is getting lengthy and I'm sure you have all drank your cups of coffee. I'll leave you with this...now you need to sing it in your head:
L is for how Long Leah's hair is
E is for how she can cook a mean Egg!
A is for her Awesome cool shirts!
H is for her cold Heart for not naming Connor BRUCE!

I'm not bitter...really.



Jodi said...

Ha ha ha! Kaci, you're so funny! It's good that you were able to be there for eachother. I don't know what I would do without my close friends here. They somehow keep you sane and give you strength when you don't feel like you can make it through the day. :0)

Kristina said...

Great post! This is fun - two days in a row we get to talk all about Leah. And, she's not even able to shush us! We, her faithful and loyal readers / family / friends have control!

I forgot all about her obsession with covered pretzels! If I'm remembering correctly, that obsession runs back a long way with Leah. Even before I met her. And while I agree that Bruce is a good, strong name, it's hard to imagine a little kid named Bruce, you know? You're too funny.

P.S. Thanks for the compliment about the post I did yesterday - you're too kind.

Auntie said...

Good job ladies.
I enjoyed both of your postings.
Leah is a wonderful mother and friend to all.
I can't wait till she gets back and we can see what happened in Pittsburgh. Hopefully what happens in Pittsburgh doesn't stay in Pittsburgh : )

Cattigan said...

Okay, so both of your posts make me want Guest Bloggers. I'm not going on vacation or anything. I just want the love fests! We all know how much Leah loves this kinda of thing ;) it is even more fun to see the gang up! Pepper her with compliments and she has no power! MUHAHHAAA!

Betsy said...

I'm with Cattigan on this one!! I want guest bloggers!! THough I am not too keen on the coated pretzels. I remember hearing about Connor. Truely a miricale baby!!