Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I love this baby


She's my baby, without actually HAVING a baby (I get to have her for a few hours and then she goes home). She's cuddly and sweet, she smiles the most amazing little smile, and WOW is this baby STRONG! She's just barely 6 months old and look at her:

My kids were all still slithering along on the floor commando crawl-style at 6 months old. Sitting was an ability that lasted only a few seconds, and ONLY if they'd been propped up. Grace, on the other hand, GETS HERSELF UP INTO A SIT, and stays that way for a good long time.

She's an amazing little baby, and since her mommy is rather busy with work, and with wedding plans, and taking care of a young child, I'll do the bragging on her baby for her... LOL


Jodi said...

I love to "borrow" babies, too. It's so nice because you can cuddle them, hold them, love them and squish all the cuteness out of them, and then you can send them home and not have to deal with the all-night feedings. I love the yoga pose she's doing in the second picture. My friend's baby does that (plank pose I think???) So cute. :0)

Kaci said...

:) So adorable!

Betsy said...

She is so stinking adorable!!!

Auntie said...

Grace is so cute. You are a good cuzzy to care for her while mommy works. Mir is going to care for her tomorrow. Let's hope she survives.
I MEAN MIR : ) Ha. She really is good with little girls. So, I am just teasing as EG knows. Grace will probable come home from being with The Mir with store bought nails!
And perhaps a pedicure! Oh my!
Love you and missed you.
Your guest blogger friends did swell tho, that was fun.

Pat W. said...

I don't get to check on your babies very often and they seem to grow like CRAZY!! What sweet little dumplings! That Grace is quite accomplished! Our Gretchen was like that! I sure enjoy seeing them!

Jessica said...

That is my little girl... You just wait to see all the things she is getting into since you have been gone. The girls loves to pull herself up and also loves to try to climb stairs. Thanks for all the sweet words!

Cheryl said...

Oh, how sweet!! She is a doll! I like "borrowing" babies (like my grandkids) because I can play with them, get them all wound up with sugar & then send them back to Jodi. Grandmas get to do that, ya know?